Joen Yö (Night by the River) 2017 – Together

Culture for everybody in Joensuu

The most captivating night is here again! The already traditional event Joen Yö will be celebrated on Friday 25th August, when there will be numerous events of all kinds, from clubs to streets and from parks to boutiques. During the event Joen Yö many museums of Joensuu will provide free entrance, and galleries and museums will be open later than on regular Friday night. As a novelty Joen Yö brings to the island Ilosaari a food and beverage festival, where the small breweries and cup-bearers of Eastern Finland will present themselves to the Joensuu inhabitants of all ages. 


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Entrance to the Joen Yö events is free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Island Ilosaari

This year one of the main stages of Joen Yö is the renewed island Ilosaari where there will be organised a Venetian style food and beverage event. There will be interesting programme on the island performance stage during the whole August night, and the island lagoon will be brought to life. The programme includes, for example, fire art of Hehku group and free of charge sup boarding trials by Arctic Trainers. 

The event in Ilosaari will start in the afternoon at 15.00 and will culminate at midnight by the countdown of jubilee Suomi 100 and performance of Jukka Poika & Jam Original Band. A whole new thing for Joen Yö of 2017 is the food and beverage world, which will be built in Ilosaari. Food and beverages are available during the whole evening starting from 15.00, and the main role is played by the delicacies of the end of the summer and the interesting beverages of the autumn to come. The best chefs of the city will give their best in preparing the beach food, which will be fitted to the Venetian theme, so there will be great tastes to enjoy. Eastern-Finnish breweries and quality wine houses are responsible for beverages.  The event is open for everybody.

In Restaurant Kerubi it is possible to get familiarised with the world of beers and wines by training sessions and tasting. Some of the events require a prior registration, which will start during the first weeks of August. Further information is to be provided in near future.

Ilosaari stage

  • at 16.00 Taival
  • at 17.15 Boyar
  • at 18.45 Rytmihäiriköt
  • at 20.30 Soul Train
  • at 22.00 Hehku – fire art from Finland and elsewhere
  • at 23.00 Jukka Poika & Jam Original Band
  • at 24.00 countdown of jubilee Suomi 100 

Kerubi Hall

  • at 17.00 Ballet studio “Pieni Balettistudio Relevé”

Ilosaari beach


  • at 16–19 free of charge sup-boarding trials every half an hour by Arctic Trainers
  • at 20.00 Fire performance “Kiven aika” (Age of Stone) of Hehku festival

Parking lot of Ilosaari

  • at 17.00–17.30 presentation of Roller Derby sports


Eastern-Finnish small breweries and beverage makers present their products in tasting size in Ilosaari during the whole night. In addition to Restaurant Kerubi’s food we proudly present the products of the following masters:

Panimo Honkavuori (brewery)
Iso-Kallan Panimo (brewery)
Waahto Brewery
Mustan virran panimo (brewery)
Ice Beaver (brewery)
Hermannin viinitila (wine house)
Kontiomehu (beverage house)
Paksuniemen juomatehdas (brewery)

Restaurant Kerubin Kellari

In the “Entisten Nuorten Disco” (The Disco of the Former Youth) you can listen to the best music, dance and have a good time. Under the mirror ball you move by the sound of unforgettable and forgotten classic songs. Nothing from the current decade, not sticking in only one genre. There will be pop, punk, techno, rock and crazy-partying indie hits. Booties shake and the gang goes crazy!

In DJ-booth will master the DJ-pair Aito Raappana and Vanilja Aasi. During their playing the guys might even go for a wild dance themselves, so be careful not be stepped over. The smoke machine will hiss in the Disco on Friday the 25th August in Kerubin Kellari starting from midnight. FREE ENTRANCE! Age limit 18.

Handcraft and culture quarter Taitokortteli

There will be several happenings in Taitokortteli during Joen Yö! For the first time during Joen Yö event there will an open-air movie show in the middle of the quarter. You can take part in the handcraft workshops, visit Perheentalo (Family house) with your children, and the music film festival Rokumentti presents short films and music videos of Joensuu-based bands for visitors to watch in Taitokortteli.


  • at 13–22 in Center Taitokeskus non-stop handcraft workshops under the theme of Joen Yö
  • at 13–22 Retro tent of Kontti Recycling shop of the Finnish Red Cross, come and get fascinated!
  • at 13–22 in Piha-aitta you are being served by: Kesäpuoti (Summer boutique), mad offers! Bar Sultsinabaari & eco cafe Jorriini. Mosaic exhibition, Teija Hiltunen
  • at 17.30–19.30 the Karaoke club Karjalan Karaoke Klubi will perform and make people dance on the terrace of café Kauppaneuvoksen kahvila

From the movie screen

  • at 19.30 The photographers of newspaper Karjalainen and the basketball championship of Kataja basketball team
  • at 20.00 Short films for children
  • at 21.00 Jytää! Documentary film about the journey of  Maria Mattila from the bass player of Jytämimmit band to a solo artist
  • at 22.00 Music videos of the artists involved in the project Joensuu Rock Academy

Perheentalo (Family House)

Open at 9.00–19.00

In Perheentalo you can have fun in the soap bubble dances and draw with street crayons.

Drama adventure for children

Association Kypsät Tammat ry organises at 18.00 a drama adventure for children of all ages from toddlers to school children. Duration 1 hour.

City hall

Open rehearsals of the Joensuu City Theater:

The Joensuu City Theater welcomes the visitors of Joen Yö to the open rehearsals to the city hall, address Rantakatu 20 at 18:30 - 20:30.
Harmony Sisters –rehearsal on the big stage (2nd floor) and rehearsal of Koirantähdestä pohjoiseen (To north from Sirius) on the small stage (4th floor).
Short break in the middle of the rehearsals. Free entrance.

Restaurant Teatteriravintola

Joensuu-based vocal ensembles will perform on the glazed terrace of Teatteriravintola in an atmospheric environment. Vocal ensemble Uusi Ablobatur will start the night and will be followed by another vocal ensemble called Lauluyhtye Kaiutin with their versatile repertoire from folk songs to Michael Jackson. The repertoire of ensemble Joensuun Laulu includes a lot of all kind of music: from entertaining to spiritual, from folk to classic choir songs. The night will be completed by ensemble Aava performing jazz standards and their own production. Free entrance.

  • at 19.30 Uusi Ablobatur
  • at 20.00 Lauluyhtye Kaiutin
  • at 21.00 Joensuun Laulu
  • at 22.00 Aava

In Teatteriklubi (Theater Club) Mad Heat vol. 5 – Tropical Party at 22. Entrance fee. Age limit 18.

Park Rantapuisto

The Event Joen Yö will expand and take over for the first time in history the whole territory of the park Rantapuisto. A lot of versatile things to see and experience for children and also for grown-ups for the whole night. 

Stage on the street Elielinkuja

Smaller Joensuu-based ensembles from one-man orchestra to bigger bands will perform during the night on the stage located on street Elielinkuja. The stage is the loved and loathed stage of the market square, which has been moved to this location.

  • at 17.00 Matias Kangas
  • at 18.00 Matti Sakari
  • at 19.00 Taavi Kervinen
  • at 20.15 Duo Virpi and Tapsa Eronen
  • at 21.30 Luontokerho

Restaurant boat Ravintolalaiva Elina

In the Restaurant boat will perform Duo Marita Maukonen and Mari Tiippana. They will perform evergreen songs, mainly from 1940’s and 1950’s with their own Metro-tytöt –like versions. Free entrance.

  • at 19.30 Duo Marita Maukonen and Mari Tiippana

Under the bridge Suvantosilta

In park Rantapuisto, literally under the bridge Suvantosilta, you can listen to steel-pan music from Säkkijärvi through Caribbean to rock and roll performed by Steel-pan orchestra Steelpannuorkesteri Rosteri with authentic steelpans, and also take part in the surprising show of the Joensuun Ylioppilasteatteri (Joensuu Student theater). Salsa del Este – Joensuu Salsa Association invites the Joen Yö visitors into the dancing euphoria starting from 20.00.

  • at 18.00 Steelpannuorkesteri Rosteri
  • at 19.00 Joensuun Ylioppilasteatteri
  • at 20.00 Salsa del Este

Fiktio x Joen Yö

Fiktio organises during Joen Yö a unique party experience that is worth seeing and feeling! Or what do you say about the construction site container, which is filled with intensive electronic music with hypnotic lights and atmosphere! The container is "Acid Cargo", which leads the visitors to the world of acid techno and house from the early 90’s! The container hits with sound from 18 till 22, the event is free of charge and there is no age limit. The group of DJs includes the acid-techno playing old stars: from Tampere the always surprising dj Tremont, also known from the bands Future Bass and Futuristics, and Fiktio’s own dj Curry!

Pelätinten Yö (Night of scarecrows)

During the event Pelätinten Yö we will take a look at different kinds of life stories in the form of figures formed by scarecrows. Join us and build your own scarecrow and share its story in Joen Yö. The scarecrows will be at show in the city center during the event. There they are presented more detailed and you can learn about their stories. The scarecrows will be built in park Rantapuisto, on the northern side of the City Hall at 12-17.

CLIMATE JAM SESSION! Trash Heroes feat. Ilmastotori

Trash Heroes is the proposition of Antti Lahti and Panu Varstala for a better city:

  1. driving  bicycles around the city center
  2. cleaning places one by one for better dancing conditions
  3. dancing
  4. moving to the following place

The cycling duo moves between park Rantapuisto and island Ilosaari at 16–19. The visitors can dance by the music played on solar energy. The Joensuu city project Ilmastotori (Climate market) also takes part in the jam session.

Playground of the park Rantapuisto

The association Pohjois-Karjalan Nuoret Kotkat (Young eagles of North Karelia) play with children and child-minded on the Rantapuisto playground at 16–18.

Restaurant Tuulaaki

The Bluenotes perform their traditional Joen Yö show in restaurant Tuulaaki at 19. Free entrance.


In Pakkahuone will perform Theater Teatteri Fiasko, association VääräpYörä, theater Joensuun Vapaa Teatteri and ensemble Joensuun Muusikot on the hour at 15–20

Järjestöbulevardi (Organisation Boulevard)

The Organisation boulevard of Joen Yö will change its location to the territory in southern part of Rantapuisto between bridge Suvantosilta and restaurant Tuulaaki. The Joensuu-based and Northkarelian organisations will present their activities starting from 16.00. In front of Pakkahuone the city inhabitants can visit the mobile library.

Center Carelicum

Pohjois-Karjalan Museo Hilma (North Karelia museum Hilma)

Open at 10–21. Free entrance

The museum provides a guided tour to the exhibition Juuret pystymetsässä (Roots in forest) at 17. Duration 45 minutes.
The children’s town Mukulakatu provides programme for children during the opening hours. 

Carelicum hall

Joensuu City Orchestra takes a journey to music at 14.30 and 16.00

Take a journey with the city Orchestra, for example to the countryside atmosphere of Beethoven and to the whirling of Kesäillan valssi (Summer night waltz). We will also meet Heili Karjalasta (Fiancee from Karelia)! Duration of the concert is 45 minutes. Free entrance – Welcome!


at 18.00–20.00 Poetry tray
The Friends of poetry will recite the poems the visitors wish from the poem lists given out in the auditorium.

Taidemuseo Onni (Art Museum Onni)

Address: Kirkkokatu 23
Open at 15–22 | Free entrance!

In the Backstage exhibition the visual art of poppers and the rocking artists will meet in the same backstage room.

The collections in 2nd and 3rd floors present, for example, antique art, European church art, Chinese art and the pearls of Finnish paintings from 1850’s till present times.

Lady Luck favours the brave in Joen Yö! 

Three odd role guides and the choir Sisaruet with the permanent collections of the art museum at 19 and 20.30. Duration of the tour app. 30 minutes.

Juhlasali (Ball room)


  • at 16.00 Konservatorio (Conservatory) in Joen Yö
  • at 18.15 Kamarikuoro Kaisku (Chamber choir Kaisku)
  • at 19.00 Open dance jam session of ISLO (Sports academy of Eastern Finland)

Art Center Taidekeskus Ahjo

Address: Kirkkokatu 23, yellow building
Open at 12–22

Remote stops of Joen Yö

Woutila’s Joen Yö (address: Tulliportinkatu 14)

During the event Joen Yö in Woutila will be celebrated the opening of the exhibition of Jussi Santaniemi called  Eläinten valtakunta (The Kingdom of Animals). The exhibition discusses the issue about what will happen when the animals take control. Santaniemi’s works are mainly serigraphy and wood drawings. In the afternoon, at 14-17, the visitors have the possibility to see the graphics making by Santaniemi, and also to try wood drawing, linocutting and collagraphy. 

At dusk Woutila will present theater. The monologue Paasveen piru (Devil of Paasvesi) will be performed at 18 and 20, duration of the monologue is 10 minutes. The monologue is written by Ninnu Karttunen and Tommi Tihtarinen.

In addition during the night Woutila offers music, movies and easy-going fun. The programme lives and is updated constantly, so check our website and follow us in Facebook.

Joensuu Evangelical Lutheran congregation center

Address: Kirkkokatu 28, 80100 Joensuu

  • at 18:00 Mirva Helske and Alina Koivula: ”Uni” (Dream) Finnish and Russian songs about dreams
  • at 18:40 Sofia Kortelainen
  • at 19:00 Kamarikuoro Kaisku (Chamber Choir)

Sofia is a Joensuu-based violinist for whom the classical music is glamorous. Nowadays she studies in Austria and plays all over Europe. She has played for the poorest in Zambia slums and for the richest in Vienna venues. She believes in the healing force of the music regardless of the life situation and age. Music belongs to everyone. 

In the songs, heard during “Uni”-concert, we will sail to the obscure, sheer reality of dreams and fly with them up to the shimmering heights. Finnish compositions under the dream theme have been chosen from Sibelius and Saariaho. Russian romances are presented by, for example, Rahmaninov’s last song opus number 38, the climax of the composer’s virtuosic and rich style of composing.

Soprano Alina Koivula and pianist Mirva Helske have started their cooperation during the Kangasniemi Music Week in 2016 on the master course of Mikko Franck. From that point onwards they have played together and performed, for example, Klaudia Taev song contest in Parnu and Helsinki Winds festival in Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki.

Kamarikuoro Kaisku is formed by Joensuu and Kontiolahti-based music professionals and active music lovers. The choir is conducted by master of music, music pedagog Mari-Annika Heikkilä. The Chamber choir performs music from, for emaple, composers O.Gjeilo, S.Rahmaninov, J.Rheinberger, J.Sibelius, T.Kuula and H.Kaski.

Orthodox Culture Center

Church of Holy Nikolaos, address: Kirkkokatu 32

  • at 14.00–18.00 The Church is open for exploring
  • starting from 14.00 coffee in the tent in front of the church to celebrate the 130 anniversary of the Church of Holy Nikolaos
  • at 16.00–17.00 Tour in the church
  • at 18.00  Akathist of Thanksgiving

Church of the Orthodox seminar, address: Torikatu 41


  • at 14.00–19.00 The Church is open for exploring
  • at 19.00 Concert of Psaltikon

Orthodox Culture Center, address: Kauppakatu 44

  • at 14.00–18.00 Exhibitions “Ristikansan vaellus” (Migration of Christian people) and “Enkelielämän tie” (Way of angel life) open
  • at 17.00 Monk Damaskinos will give a lecture on theme ”Greek Athos mountain – the world’s largest monastery center”

Restaurant Elias open at 8.00–18.00 

Joensuu Bunker Museum

Address: Virrantaus 7, at 15–18

The Bunker Museum offers guided tours, programme and café services.

Laulutalo (House of songs)

Address: Kauppakatu 51

In Laulutalo you can listen to choir songs performed by Joensuun Laulupelimannit (Joensuu song fiddlers) and Joensuun Mieslaulajat (Joensuu male singers) and Joensuun Miessoittajat (Joensuu male musicians).

  • at 17.15 Joensuun Laulupelimannit
  • at 18.00 Singsong in Laulutalo together with a band: Joensuun Miessoittajat makes the audience sing familiar songs.

City train to Areena (Sports arena) and Botania (Botanical garden)

City train will go between Art Museum, Joensuu Areena and Botania from 18:00 till 21:15. Fee from adults 4 euros, children 2 euros.

Sports arena Joensuu Areena

Address: Mehtimäenaukio 2

Have you ever wondered how to fool your opponent in fencing? Do you know how to read a map and how to use a compass? Are you interested in martial arts or skating with quad-rollerblades? Association Matala Kynnys Ry (Shallow threshold) offers versatile sports opportunities to children and young people. 

The clubs and sports/games participating in the event Joen Yö will present themselves in Joensuu Areena at 18-20. The event is targeted for children and young persons of 7–17 years of age. The event offers various experiences in the form of control and play stops on which it is possible to try different kinds of sports and exercises. Versatile experiences from individual to team sports are offered by, for example, sports clubs Hiihto Kataja, Joen Mawashi, Karjalan Kalpa, Roller Derby and Kalevan Rasti.  

Welcome to exercise!

Boheemiklubi (Bohemian club) in Botania

Address: Heinäpurontie 70

Boheemifest is a new experiential art festival, which will be organised for the first time on Saturday 26.8.2017 in Joensuu botanical garden Botania. There will be music, flowers, art, dance, food and a lot of fun! The bohemian garden party will start already the previous night as a part of the city event Joen Yö. So, come and feel the prior atmosphere of the fest already on Friday 25.8. at 19.00-21.00!


Address: Koskikatu 25

The library is on the move! Library is on the Organisation Boulevard: programme for adults and children

  • at 14.00 - 18.00 sales of books that have been taken off the library collection: in Muikku-room of the main library. Everything at the price 0,50 €/book.
  • at 16.00 - 17.00 publication of poetry book of Anneli Heliö called “Kuun veli Unten soturi” (Brother of moon, soldier of dreams) in the Arts square of the Joensuu city library
  • at 16.00 Cycling on the hills: start at 16 from the park Ystävyyden puisto (Friendship park), route goes to the regional libraries of Joensuu, on the route you can enjoy music and snacks. Duration app. 3 hours.
  • at 18.00 Quiz by the Association Itäiset Turhan Tietäjät in the Arts square of the main library, 2nd floor.

Restaurant La Barre

Address: Torikatu 19-21

Metalliklubi (Metal Club) of the restaurant La Barre will serve the friends of metal music during the event Joen Yö starting from 22.00. Performers of the night are Modok, Second-hansa Apes and Pi Mezon, which is on the stage for the first time. Entrance fee 2 €. Age limit 18.


Address: Hasanniementie 15

During the event Joen Yö on the terrace of Bubble Bay there will be a tough setting of rap, when the local rappers and djs take over the stage. You will hear tough rap and beat both live and played by the djs. 

Free entrance, no age limit. Open-air event will be organised when weather permitting.

Bubble Bay café serves food, coffee and other mouth-melting delicacies.

Performers of the event:
Jnss Crew (live)
Feat.: Unique, Diego, Murtojoki, Nuori Jupe, Rontti, MikeOne & LKP

MC Sige & Da Hanski (live)
”fresh urban hip hop”

FYKTH (dj)


Treetop-adventure park

Urheilupuisto (Sports park, behind Joensuu Areena)

Treetop-adventure park is open during Joen Yö at 17-21 when weather permitting. In the dusk we will lighten the park up with LED-lights and open fire. Own flashlights are not needed! We recommend that you reserve your climbing place in advance through our reservation system. Besides climbing the programme includes also sausage grilling on open fire. During the event all prior reservations give the right of climbing for two for the price of one. Watching from the ground and visiting the park are free of charge!

Pajathon at Veturitallit (Roundhouse)

Address: Sortavalankatu 2

At the new premises of Suunnittelupaja (Design shop, Sortavalankatu 2) will be organised 25.-27.8. Pajathon event. It is a hackathon-style event in which solutions will be designed and built for a theme that has been determined beforehand. The theme of the first event will be published one week prior the beginning of the event. During the weekend the teams will carry out solutions, for example, by means of sensor techniques, robotics, software robotics, IT and traditional machine building technologies. The event is organised by University of Applied Sciences Karelia’s projects KoDa, Lumo2 and Robobisnes together with the Cooperative Osuuskunta Sulatto, which is the administrator of the premises. The event is partly open for visitors, further information in website address

Shopping center Iso Myy

Address: Torikatu 25

Mika Vanhanen with his grand piano will publish a new album and play a gig in Iso Myy at 19 and. 20. Iso Myy will be open exceptionally till 21.

Iso Myy